8up ,6up,4up,2up ,5inch -18inch . and all zoom lens for kinds minilabs

 paper magazine
 Noritsu:1201,1202,1501,1912,2211,2301,2600,2601,2611,2901,3001,3201,3200, fuji: 232,238,238,248,258,268,278,330,350,340,370,390 Konica:808,828,848,858,878,R1,R2.

 150: 1440*1062dpi . speed :800pcs/hour

 DP Series digital carrier
 DP300 :2048*1536 dpi, 12*18inch DP100 :1280*960 dpi, 6*8inch

 Agfa D-LAB.2 minilab
 Print formats from cheque card size up to large format 30 x 45 cm (12'' x 18'') Prints from 135-, APS-, 110- and 120-films Index prints Prints from the memory media of digital cameras Prints from digital files on CD-ROMs, disks or ZIP disks

 Fuji Frontier 370 minilab
 Versatile and expandable • Digital print services including film to CD • Broad range of standard services • Superb quality • Automatic edits • Simple operation
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